ON TIME OR FREE is a Celebrity Limousine Worldwide EXCLUSIVE Guarantee.
This guarantee is valid for the very first pick up ONLY. If multiple pick ups are on a reseration Celebrity Limousine in no way guarantees to be ON TIME to multiple pick ups throught an entire evening unless written on your contract.
Celebrity Limousine will not guarantee ON TIME OR FREE if inaccurate information has been given to our staff which makes us late for our pick up.
Any reservation ON TIME OR FREE must be recorded on the contract or email confirmation sent from Celebrity Limousine.
Celebrity Limousine must be contacted direct when a limousine is late and must be verified right on the spot with a LIVE OPERATOR. If you are unable to speak to a live operator, then any member of our staff must be contacted as a witness to verify their is no limousine at its desgnated pick up. Our CONTACT PAGE has over 40 telephone numbers listed for Customer Support.
Pick ups at an Airport are not valid because many airports do not allow limousines to wait curbside.
If a weather advisory is in effect this guarantee is not valid. No Exceptions.
This guarantee is not valid in New York City.
If Celebrity Limousine is late for a job and it has been verified by a member of our staff, a full refund except chauffeur gratuity will be mailed by check back to our client within 7-10 days.
For more info call 508-LIMOUSINE.