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Welcome to Celebrity Limousine. My name is Brandon Braddock. I am the President and Founder of Celebrity Limousine. My business partner is Jon Coombs and together we run the hottest Limousine Service in America, Celebrity Limousine, voted BEST Limousine Service over 25 times!!

If you’re reading this then you are looking to learn more ABOUT US so let’s get started. Before you begin reading I would like to start out by letting you know that the web site you are viewing was not put together by some Web Design Company paid to say fancy words like "We meticulously clean our cars"! LOL That’s typical for the other 99% of Limousine Companies on the market. Not us. The words on this web site are typed by me, the site is designed by me and I stand behind every word on this web site 100% to be TRUE, ACCURATE and AUTHENTIC because I personally wrote them.

Although Celebrity Limousine is well known for RENTING Limousines to the public, Celebrity Limousine is also well known for its leadership in the Transportation Industry across America.  We own our own Repair Center, Coach Building Department, Chauffeur School, Travel Agency, Ticket Agency, Security Division, Promotional Team and our own National Limo Sales Department.  We are the BEST at what we do because we LOVE what we do.  While 40% of limo companies have gone OUT-OF-BUSINESS in our area over the last few years, we continue to grow at a very fast rate.  Our future plans consist of franchising the company and selling limousine leads across America through our new lead generation websites RequestALimoQuote.com.  

My business partner and I have been in this fun industry since 1999. We both started out as chauffeurs and built our company from the ground up. We have learned over the years what works and what doesn’t. It’s funny because back in the day we thought it was all about tinted windows, fancy rims and loud stereo systems!  LOL Today, we enjoy a rewarding relationship with over 10,000 business clients and we now understand it’s honestly about one thing “first”, SAFETY.  After that, we focus on good quality vehicles, good customer service, competitive rates and good guarantees.  We don’t take all the credit for where we are today though. It is our team that gets this job done. We have a great staff now, great management and some of the very BEST chauffeurs across New England.  Soon, you will even see real portfolios of each of them on CelebrityChauffeur.com.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Do you really own all these cars?”  My answer is always the same, “I wish!”  The network of Celebrity Limousine was create with over 100 limousines online to identify the “demand” of a specific limousine.  As we see the demand of a specific limousine increase, we buy that type of limousine.  When we see a specific limousine we own not being booked much, we sell it.   While Celebrity Limousine is a very large “NETWORK” that we have created, we also own another Limousine Service called Entourage Livery, Inc. founded in 2004. Today 95% of all limousines ordered through our website are actually owned and operated by Entourage Livery, Inc for liability purposes. Having both entities separate keeps accounting easier and its keeps liability where it should be.

Well, that’s our story. If you are still reading this, I guess I didn’t bore you.  Our website is very large.  It is actually made up of several websites, all designed to sell our products.  We hope you enjoy surfing our pages.  There are a lot of fun portfolios coming out soon of new limousines as we acquire new ones annually.  If you are interested in joining our team, our if you have any questions we can help you with call 508-LIMOUSINE.  That's 508-546-6874. One of the members of our staff would be pleased to assist you. 

Brandon Braddock
President, Celebrity Limousine


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